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NetReseT turns your current Internet service into the strongest and most reliable connection possible!

NetReseT is a device that power  cycles  (reboots) your modem and router in sequential order on a daily basis. The sequential power cycle allows your equipment to receive updated information from your internet service provider,  auto-correct issues, and maximize internet speeds due to a fresh connection. 

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The Details

Output-Max: MOD 7.5A/120VAC

                          ROU 7.5A/120VAC

Type of Load: Resistive

Input- AC120V/60 Hz/15 Amps

Disconnection means: Type 1B

Operating temperature: 0° to 40° C     

Battery backup: rechargeable NiMH 2.4VDC

Rated impulse voltage: 2500V

How It Works? 

• NetReseT resolves network issues by offering sequential power cycling.  This means that the modem and router are powered up at different times.

• NetReseT will first apply power to the modem.  One minute later, power is applied to the router.

• We call this the network power sequence (NPS).  The NPS is performed on initial setup, every 24 hours, and if a power failure occurs.

• Do you have a modem/router combo?  No problem.  NetReseT will also power cycle the modem/router combo.  Either plug on NetReseT can be used for combo units.

Power Failure? – NetReseT will  always restore your Internet connection properly

First Power Up? – NetReseT starts working from the minute of installation

24/7/365 Days – Your modem and router will be properly power cycled daily

NetReseT Across The Globe

NetReset LLC

PO Box 12635

Lexington, KY 40591-2653


Download:  Installation Instructions.docx


Download:  Installation Instructions.pdf

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Type F

Type E

Type C/J

Type A/B

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